Kelford Camshafts Evo 4-8 - Hydraulic Lifters

Kelford Camshafts Evo 4-8 - Hydraulic Lifters

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The Kelford Cams range of camshafts for Mitsubishi 4G63 DOHC engines are renowned worldwide for their superior results. This range is for the DOHC 4G63T Evolution 8 engine. All of the camshafts in this range are ground on our Toyoda CNC masterless cam grinder to consistently deliver the highest quality product.

Our 'TX' range of camshafts for Mitsubishi 4G63 DOHC engines have the best available lobe designs, featuring low seat timing and maximum valve area while retaining perfect valve control at high RPM. Every cam in the range features the same lobe design as our mega popular 272 degree camshaft

We have developed a proven range of camshafts for this engine to suit most applications, including a low lift 272 degree cam to suit stock valve springs and high lift designs for the more serious applications.


Camshaft Sets Available:

  • 8-TX258 Camshaft set:
    258/264 Degree advertised duration, 10.50mm lift
    Cams for fast street engines with stock or small turbocharger, or restrictor plate rally engines up to 8000 RPM and 25lb boost with our recommended valve springs.
  • 8-TX264 Camshaft Set:
    264/260 Degree advertised duration, 11.00/10.35mm lift
    The ultimate cam for street, strip and track engines from 300-500hp. These camshafts are stable to 35lb boost and 8000 RPM with our recommended valve springs.
  • 8-TX268 Camshaft Set:
    264/268 Degree advertised duration, 11.00/10.50mm lift
    High performance cams for mid range performance engines, 350-550hp using E85 or similar blend fuels
  • 8-TX272
    272 Degree advertised duration, 11.00mm lift
    Cams for the best all round performance. These suit 400-600HP racing engines
  • 8-TX272-L (Drop ins)
    These 272 degree high performance camshafts are designed with lower lift for use with the stock valve springs.
  • 8-TX272R
    272 Degree advertised duration, 11.75mm lift
    The Ultimate 272 on the market, dyno proven to be the best available to date. Suited for 450-700hp, 40lb and 9500RPM with our recommended valve spring.

We can get our hands on just about any Kelford camshaft combo - we have listed the more common ones however if you require a camshaft larger than 272, please get in touch and we will organise a set for you.