Import with GCR

Owning an Evo is fun, we all know what a pleasure they are to drive, modify and race - however, one down side is the fact that there was a very limited amount of them assigned to the Australian market, so the only alternative to owning one in Australia was through importation.

Luckily however, with the advancement of global logistics the world is now open to trade, and with that is the opportunity to acquire parts not obtainable locally, or parts that were not even an option in the local market.

Exchange rates, foreign languages and international shipping are all challenges people face when trying to purchase overseas, and unfortunately a mechanism that many are not willing to work out and end up overspending in the name of convenience, or laziness.

Here at GCR we are now offering an import service for all parts. Having experience purchasing from other countries, from websites, private sellers and vendors we understand the obstacles and know where to buy these items while minimising as much risk as possible, ensuring parts are delivered in a timely manner, and in the condition described.

If you have had your eyes on a product, especially those exclusive to the Japanese market, we can help you source and acquire these parts.

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